7 Alternatives to Live Spectator Sport to get you through the Lockdown #StayHome


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31 Mar

7 Alternatives to Live Spectator Sport to get you through the Lockdown #StayHome

It’s tough out there during these unprecedented times, and with all the doom and gloom on a seemingly constant cycle, many of us would usually find solace in live sport. With such respites (quite rightly) unattainable for the foreseeable future, we’ve found some alternatives that might work as temporary relief whilst we wait for this to all blow over.

1. Re-runs

Relive some recent or historical moments of glory from your favourite club or team. These highlights from England’s Semi Final victory over the All Blacks, for example, spoke of a more innocent time before pandemics… or the final against South Africa.

2. eSports

Sports fans have been turning to eSports to get their fix of competitive competition, and with the an archive of surprisingly engrossing games available, you’ll have plenty to fill the time.

3. #LifeCommentary

Sports commentator, Nick Heath, has become a viral hit as he transfers his excitable analysis from live sport to the more mundane of activities. With a catalogue of new sports curated, he applies well known commentary tropes to the most random of events.

4. Soapbox Racing

If you haven’t seen a Soapbox race yet, you’re in for a treat. Carts built from tat are hurtled downhill, over obstacles, and through chicanes until, more often than not, they smash into a barrier sending the ‘pilots’ flying.

5. Marbles

A vast archive of competitive marble races with OTT American style coverage is available on YouTube. Pick a marble and marvel in how much you find yourself invested in an inanimate object’s sporting success.

6. Pete Versus Life

This underrated gem was first aired 10 years ago, and posed the question ‘what if your life had commentary?’. With love life stats, awkward replays and detailed analysis, this is definitely worth a binge.

7. Alan Partridge

Last, but by no means least, the hero that we all need right now: Alan Partridge. King of Commentary.

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