7 Out of This World Fancy Dress Ideas for B7s 2019 - Bournemouth 7s Festival 28th - 30th May 2021

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13 Mar

7 Out of This World Fancy Dress Ideas for B7s 2019

It’s never too early to prep your festival garb,  so we thought we’d make the announcement earlier than usual to give you plenty of time to execute your cosmic costume creation.

Whether you’re thinking of building a robot, wrapping yourself in foil or actually painting Uranus, we have some fancy dress inspiration for our Out of This World theme:

1. Take a giant leap as an Astronaut

If you’ve always fancied yourself as an Armstrong, Aldrin or whoever Tom Hanks played in Apollo 13, now is your opportunity. You don’t need a big expensive NASA approved spacesuit: make it yourself with tin foil and cardboard.

Silver Space Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume Adult Large


2. Try an Alien concept

Aliens tend not to show their face around Earth too often, so we mostly have to guess what they look like. So use your imagination and be extra with your extra-terrestrial costume.

Image result for alien costume

3. Recreate your favourite Sci-Fi Movie

For all the geeks and nerds out there, you probably don’t need encouragement to don one of the many sci-fi costumes already hanging in your wardrobe, but heres a chance to dust one of them off again.

Image result for stormtrooper fancy dress

4. Glitter from another Galaxy

With glitter, your options are literally infinite. Think stars, planets, galaxies, blackholes, and any other spurious reason to cover yourself in sparkles.

Image result for out of this world glitter

5. Dress as a space themed Confectionary Item

Not the most glamorous choice, but a great conversation starter. Mars, Milky Way, Galaxy, Starburst, Starmix, Starbar, Magic Stars…those snack companies love a bit of space talk.

Bestival Space Raiders costume

6. Construct an elaborate Robot Exo-Skeleton

Another broad choice. Robots can be sleek or clunky, sexy or ridiculous, functional or completely impractical. Either way, cue an entire weekend of dancing like Peter Crouch.

7. Put a Colander on your head

The Out of This World equivalent of cutting some holes out of a bed sheet at halloween and calling yourself a ghost.

Image result for colander


Whatever you decide to do, we can’t wait to see what you all come up with! Make sure you tag us in your inevitable social media posts so that we can see what you’re up to!

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