7 Wild and Wonderful Fancy Dress Ideas for B7s 2021


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3 Jun

7 Wild and Wonderful Fancy Dress Ideas for B7s 2021

Demands for the Bournemouth 7s Festival 2021 fancy dress theme have hit all-time highs, so we thought we’d address the elephant in the room by bringing forward the announcement (again!).

Luckily the cat hasn’t been let out of the bag until now, but you can all stop watching us like hawks. The 2021 fancy dress theme is: Into the Wild

But before you rush out and buy the first thing that pops into your head, hold your horses; we have 7 wild and wonderful fancy dress ideas that will have you looking the dog’s b…

1. Herd-up your mates for group shots

Shepherding your friends around the festival will be easier if you’re all wearing matching hides.

2. Focus your sights on some trophies

Become the hunter or the hunted. Minus the needless animal cruelty.

3. Think mythical creatures

Mermaids, unicorns, giant sea serpents; you can make any myth a reality.

4. Embrace flower power

Swap fauna for flora and live a plant-based lifestyle.

5. Just wing it

Birds, butterflies or flying lemurs, they all need flappy wings.

6. Your body is a canvas

The B7s crowd don’t need too much persuasion to show a bit of bod. Get some paint on that rig!

7. Ride in on a tamed beast

There’s no shortage of willing animals to piggy back you around the festival*

*no real animals, please. Wild or otherwise.


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