Christmas Rugby Team: The Bournemouth 7s Festive Fifteen - Bournemouth 7s Festival 28th - 30th May 2021

MAY 2021

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5 Dec

Christmas Rugby Team: The Bournemouth 7s Festive Fifteen

With the big day less than 3 weeks away, we called up the best and baddest Christmas characters to get a run-out as the 2019 Bournemouth 7s Festive Fifteen.

1) Jack Frost

The big man’s size makes him a formidable presence in the Front Row and when it comes to big scrums there’s no one better, he has ice running through his veins.

2) Gizmo

The perfect stature for the frontline, and he has the ears to prove it. A grafter in all conditions, just don’t jet him wet.

3) The Grinch

He’s hairy, miserable and is ‘festively chubby’ all year round, meeting the necessary criteria to be a Tight Head Prop.

4) Jack Skellington

What he lacks in bulk, he certainly makes up for in height and agility, a true lineout technician.

5) Ebenezer Scrooge

The perfect compliment to Skellington in the Second Row, Scrooge brings real nastiness and is a player that opponents dread having to deal with.

6) John McClain

He may not be the most physically imposing Back Rower but he’s unquestionably as industrious and creative as it comes, constantly rescuing his side from allsorts dangerous situations.

7) Bad Santa

With an incredible knack for getting away with blatantly illegal offences, Bad Santa is an ideal Openside Flanker selection. He’s so good at it that he is often mistaken as a hailing from New Zealand.

8) Howard Langston

This Austrian import is an intimidating figure that can go from zero to Turbo in no time. He’ll do anything to get the job done; anyone who witnessed him chasing down a ball in ‘Jingle All The Way’ can testify to his doggedness. “This is MY ball!”

9) Jesus Christ

The birthday boy, like all Scrum Halves, can often be holier than thou. But he can work miracles with ball in hand and off the foot from the back of the scrum. He’s so popular his name can be heard shouted from the stands and players alike. 

10) Santa Clause (c)

Who else could fill this rather large shirt other than the man himself? Although not fitting the physical prototype for the position, Saint Nicholas is light on his feet and always delivers.

11) Rudolph

Underestimated his whole life, this flyer is a deadly finisher and can often be spotted lighting up defences. Has been known to hoof the ball down field, but his chase will go down in history. 

12) Mrs Clause

The perfect relief option for when Mr Clause needs to take a second to catch his breath, Mrs Clause orchestrates much of the attack and is a superb communicator in defence.

13) Buddy the Elf

Buddy is always enthusiastic and eager to get on the ball or make a big defensive hit. His impressive size (compared to other elves) makes him a son of a nutcracker for any defence. His fitness has been called into question though, as nutritionally he refuses to stray from candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup. 

14) Kevin McAllister

Often underestimated, this kid is an offensive and defensive nightmare. What he lacks in size, he more than makes up for in inventiveness. Known for his solo efforts, he’ll bring the pain too.

15) Billy Mack

This bad boy is a maverick and can sometimes be an utter liability at Full Back but he can produce moments of pure magic from out of nowhere, making him worth the headaches. Also, he’s an absolute champion on a night out.

Coach – The Queen

Inspiring. This golden lady has been giving rousing speeches centred on Christmas for decades and Liz’s experience will undoubtedly help any side lucky enough to have her at the top of the tree.

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