Get Into Eco Exercise with Forest Fit Club


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24 Feb

Get Into Eco Exercise with Forest Fit Club

Forest Fit Clubs offer Eco Friendly fitness based in Ringwood & Bournemouth and they believe fitness shouldn’t be lonely, intimidating or reliant on machines and indoor locations.

Providing a community where fitness in fresh air can be achieved while minimising any impact to the environment, FFC welcomes all levels, ages and abilities, including new mums with little ones!

Forest Fit Club takes into account all party requirements and structure their sessions to suit the needs of all fitness levels. Each session will last up to one hour and provide a cardio workout, incorporating both upper and lower body resistance work, whilst also focusing on core stability training.

2020 saw them launch a new initiative working with the charity Carbon Footprint, where a percentage of each membership goes towards planting trees to offset their carbon footprint.  You too can join this new Eco-Exercise movement!

They set the task to rid as much plastic waste and overuse as possible, becoming a mobile recycling centre for waste that the government can not recycle. Hard plastics, crisp packets, yoghurt pots, silver food pouches and ever growing. Lastly we work to supply the Air ambulance Charity with milk bottle tops to help fund their ongoing efforts.

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