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5 Dec

Kitchen Duties Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, Women In Sport

by Roya Loughlin

“Imagine a girl graduates from school playing rugby but doesn’t know how to cook” was a statement made by member of the UAE’s National Council, Salem Al Shehhi.

My first response was to laugh (I mean Salem, are you okay? It’s 2018 ?) but my next thought was that this is someone who has never been on a sports team or even considered research into women in sports.

I could quote a million and one studies on how playing sports is beneficial to every aspect of a girls life, and fax them to Salem (I would use fax because he is clearly living in the distant past!). But to be brief, my time on the sports field has taught me respect, discipline, teamwork, leadership as well as enabling me to develop and secure life-long friendships. To be fair to Salem though, do those things even matter if I can’t rustle up a stuffed pepper before I finish doing the dishes and put another wash on?

With people like this in the news, it’s so refreshing to see that women’s sport is still strong: we can’t stop and won’t stop growing! This is plainly evident by the growth of participation in women’s sport here at Bournemouth 7s!

Over the last 12 months we have added more cups in both rugby and hockey to keep up with the demands of our female athletes and we couldn’t be more excited to do it! We hope that this trend continues and that we keep on adding women’s cups to the tournament (watch this space…)

I’m a proud sportswoman, and it’s a massive buzz seeing so many other proud sportswomen come together in one place. It’s a rare thing to see…but not for much longer!

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