7 severe cases of premature celebration - Bournemouth 7s Festival

22 - 24 MAY 2020

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16 Oct

7 severe cases of premature celebration

It has effected most of us at some point and it’s always unbearably embarrassing.
There’s no anticlimax like it.
But none of us have suffered from it quite as spectacularly as Freddie Burns this weekend. Our toes are only just beginning to uncurl after this classic case of Premature Celebration:

Clips like this are the perfect mix of uncomfortable cringe and unadulterated schadenfreude.  There’s no way to avoid laughing at it, but you do have a tinge of sympathy for the culprit.

If Freddie’s effort isn’t not enough to make you wince into a frenzy, here are some of our favourite cases of Premature Celebration from the world of sport and beyond:

1. This one’s for keeps:

2. Fist-bumped into 2nd place

3. Hard luck in Softball

4. “What are you standing up for?!”

5. There is no plan bee

6. Kosuke Hashi-NO!

7. Flying Fish gets hooked

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