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22 - 24 MAY 2020

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1 Nov

The Vitality Roses and 7 other Sports Teams named after Big Brands

Following the recent news that the England Netball team have become the Vitality Roses in a landmark sponsorship deal with, well, Vitality, here’s a list of 7 sports teams named after big brand sponsors from past and present. Some of them may surprise you:

PSV Eindhoven

Originally founded as a team for employees of Dutch technology giants Philips, the club took the P and Philips Sport Vereniging was born. Over one hundred years later and PSV are one of Netherland’s Big Three.

NEC Harlequins

Remember when the eponymous harlequin appeared across all jerseys dancing on the logo of a multinational technology company? Japanese firm NEC paid a fair few ¥ for extensive naming rights on the centuries old Quins.

Honda Heat

Another rugby union team, another multinational Japanese company. To be honest, this one is only on the list because of the irony that my own Honda’s heat stopped working 3 years ago.

Bayer Leverkusen

…or to give it’s full name: ‘Bayer 04 Leverkusen Fußball GmbH’ which just rolls off the tongue. Another example of employees taking their employers name into the sporting arena. Bayer are a German pharmaceuticals company.

Benetton Rugby

Probably the most fitting pairing on the list, fashion brand Benetton acquired the Italian side nearly 40 years ago. The players have been looking great and playing rugby ever since.

Chevrolet Warriors

Nothing says ‘Warrior’ like a Chevy Matiz and that must be why these brave South African cricketers were happy to be known as the Chevrolet Warriors for a while. It’s a shame they dropped it.

New York Red Bulls

… and FC Red Bull Salzburg

…and RB Leipzig

…and Red Bull Brasil

Okay, so technically Red Bull could have a list dedicated to the teams they have leant their name to, so this is a bit of a cheat. They’ve long established themselves in the extreme sporting world, but with the naming of teams, events , arenas and vehicles, they are wrapping-up all corners of wider sport.

Oh, and they have also sponsored Bournemouth 7s Festival so they have great taste too.

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