7 Types of Dodgeball Players Seen at Bournemouth 7s

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19 Oct

7 Types of Dodgeball Players Seen at Bournemouth 7s

You’ll already be aware of the 5 D’s of dodgeball, but what kind of people are primed to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge?

The most inclusive, social and fun of sports, dodgeball has been a mainstay at Bournemouth 7s Festival for many years. No previous experience is required: just show up and play. However, to ensure you are truly ready for ultimate dodgeability , check out these 7 types of dodgeball players:

1. The Blunt Instrument

An imprecise, heavy-handed player who lacks tactical awareness, but makes up for it in brutal ball-flinging attacks that can stun opponents when ill-prepared. Can be countered through patience and superior cardio.

2. The Jack-in-a-Box

Lays dormant for periods of time, often using teammates as human shields until the right moment to peekaboo. Don’t mistake their inactivity as hesitancy – they will punish you with a viper-like strike. Try to eliminate these players early to avoid being sniped.

3. The Deer in Headlights

Unlike the Jack-in-a-box, The Deer’s inactivity is due to sheer panic. Unaccustomed to barrages of balls, this player will often be eliminated swiftly. Very little threat unless given time to compose themselves.

4. The Punisher

Having seen all teammates eliminated, the Punisher gets a boost of adrenaline in desperate times. This player can start a David versus Goliath comeback, striking, catching and singlehandedly dishing-out retribution with flying balls.

5. The Wall Spider

Clinging to the outer walls and scurrying away from danger, the Spider can be elusive but deadly. Using distance they can become a pest, so swatting them out may require teamwork.

6. The Professional

Knows the rules inside-out. A great catcher, thrower and dodger, the Pro will destroy entire teams. The only counter is a lucky strike or sheer volume of attacks.

7. The Conductor

Rallying their team with ongoing orders and encouragement, this player’s role is to promote team unity and wind up the opposition. Eliminating them will not help, it simply frees up more time for them to yell from the sidelines.


If you think you can handle anything these players could throw at you, enter a team now and prove it!

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